Aegis Dynamics Retaliator Bomber Quick Overview

Developed by Aegis Dynamics, this long range bomber is built to be intuitive and functional rather than aesthetic.

The Retaliator Bomber is a versatile ship focused on delivering devastating attacks against capital ships and planetside targets. Equipped with a state-of-the-art missile launcher system, several manned turrets and a modular bay for custom fitting, this ship is formidable.

The Retaliator comes in at 228 feet long and 41 feet high. It is categorized as a large ship weighing about 650,000 pounds. It has a SCM speed of 145 and a max speed of 814 with a decent acceleration at 33.4 m/s/s. The pitch and yaw are relatively slow at 20 deg/s max and the roll is 30 deg/s max making it even slower then a Constellation. Fortunately, this ship is armed with large torpedoes and a revolutionary missile launcher system.

Just two of the size 9 torpedoes.

This system, nicknamed “Roto” by early engineers, allows crew members to load torpedoes of varying sizes and payloads then let the pilot rotate and use whichever ordnance is best suited for the situation. This ship comes armed with six size nine missiles aptly named Argos IX. These torpedoes are the bread and butter of the Retaliator and have the potential to obliterate anything in its path. Even though its a long range bomber, sometimes enemies will get in close but there is a answer for that as well.

The Retaliator boasts five turrets each with two CF-227 Badger Laser Repeaters. Having this ship fully manned with ten size two weapons reigning down on you is a scary sigh indeed. These turrets are also very well situated compared to other ships, giving it an overlapping field of fire protecting it from all directions of attack. Sometimes it isn’t enough though and the ship sustains some damage. But repairs couldn’t be easier with its modular bay.

The removable ordnance bay allows for the entire section to come out for repairs. This will also allow for replacement modules to fit with the pre-existing mounts to let the ship take on different roles like cargo hauling, prisoner transport and even expanded crew quarters.

As Aaron Tracy said during the initial Engineering Meeting of what would become the Retaliator, “We need a ship to stalk and damage heavy prey”, and the military created a ship that could deploy fast, access more jump points, and could still provide devastating payloads. Once part of an integral role in the First Tevarin War, the Retaliator is becoming a popular civilian craft with its modularity.

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