Aegis Dynamics Vanguard Warden Quick Overview

The Aegis Dynamics Vanguard Warden is the United Empire of Earth’s dedicated deep space fighter.

Originally built to be a bomber, the Vanguard Warden is a powerful ship consisting of heavy weaponry, a long jump range ability, and strong defenses. The Vanguard gets its name based on its jump range ability and for being in the front-line of any military operation.

The Vanguard Warden is 125 feet long and 31 feet high. It is categorized as a medium ship weighing about 173,000 pounds. It has an SCM speed of 225 and a max speed of 1115 with an acceleration of 54.5 m/s/s. The pitch and yaw are both 80 deg/s and the roll is 120 deg/s giving it below average maneuverability. The Warden it not known for its agility but for its weaponry.

Facing a Vanguard Warden is a daunting task. It comes equipped with four high-caliber forward laser cannons and a powerful Gatling gun that can be traded out for a massive size 5 weapon that is fixed. Combined with a manned turret, the Warden shreds anything in its path. It also has four missile racks with the ability to equip some size 3 missiles. The Warden has heavy armor made from a distinct tungsten alloy combined with powerful shields making it a formidable opponent. If that isn’t enough, it comes equipped with high end warp drives that are some of the fastest on the market.

The Vanguard Warden’s warp drives will get to your destination quicker then most ships. It also has the ability to execute long range missions for extended periods of time. There are two beds for the crew and a station for use of reclamation, scanning, or even electronic warfare.

The Vanguard Warden is one of the UEE’s premiere ships. It has the ability to be anywhere at anytime, is equipped with heavy firepower, and can also take a punch. It has seen extensive service against the Vanduul and whether it is used for military expeditions, reconnaissance missions, or even a makeshift base to operate out of, the Vanguard Warden executes these things flawlessly.

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