Anvil Aerospace Gladiator Overview

Whether you’re engaged with capital ships or single-seat fighters, the Gladiator’s main role is as a heavy ordnance platform.

The Anvil Aerospace Gladiator is a two person craft developed to bridge the gap between fighters and bombers. With this versatility it allows the Gladiator to play a role in a wide range of missions. It can launch torpedo strikes against capital ships, provide supply drops where necessary, or be used in Space-to-Ground bombing runs like during Operation Fourstall.

The Gladiator is a two person ship with a pilot and a gunner in a turret. It is 74 feet long and 20 feet high. It is categorized as a small ship weighing about 193,000 pounds. It has an SCM speed of 150 and a max speed of 983 with an acceleration of 59.1 m/s/s. The pitch and yaw are both 80 deg/s and the roll is 115 deg/s giving it poor maneuverability and speed. Although it might not be as quick as some other single-seat fighters, it has firepower, specifically missiles.

The Gladiator comes stock with eight size two missiles and four size five torpedoes. You can swap out the missile racks and instead have four size three missiles along with the torpedoes. The torpedoes can lock their target at a longer range and are quick to strike their enemy. Sometimes it takes only one torpedo to take out small to medium ships if not damage them severely. Even capital ships should worry when they see a Gladiator. The Gladiator with missiles alone is a fearsome opponent but it does come with two size three mounts with gimbaled M4A Laser Autocannons, one on each wing. It also has a manned turret with two size two CF-227 Badger Laser Repeaters. The weapons are the main focus of the Gladiator but it can also swap out torpedoes for cargo room to provide assistance where needed.

The frame of the ship is dependable and capable of surviving harsh conditions making it ideal for supply drops even through enemy territory. As Cpt. Anna Kinsleigh said, “…The storm was too thick to get a standard transport, so all we had left were the Gladiators. They swapped out our torpedo bays for cargo pods and loaded us up on supplies. Now over thirty combat missions, I’d put my ship through its paces, but I swear I’d never felt turbulence like that before. Five minutes in atmo and I was sure I was going to get battered into the ground. I had zero visibility. None, but the avionics and flight assist were so good I never felt out of control. We hit our drops and got back to base without missing a beat.”

The Gladiator is known for being modular and is a favorite among manufacturers for its compatibility. Whether striking capital ships with torpedoes, supplying troops in the harshest of conditions, or even blockade running, the Gladiator is built to execute and is reliable in doing so.

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