Star Citizen Tactics

The P8-SC is a size two ballistic based sub-machine gun with a high rate of fire but with a smaller magazine size and lower DPS.

The Behring P8-SC has been the ballistic submachine gun of choice for the UEE Marines since it was first introduced. As a manufacturer of almost anything you need, Behring produces mass quantities of weapons, vehicles, or even drones for military and civilians alike.

The P8-SC SMG is a uncommon weapon found at some locations such as Port Olisar or Area 18 and can cost anywhere from about 2100 to 2500 UEC. The P8-SC has two fire modes. There is a fully automatic fire mode and a burst mode. The burst mode has much more control then other SMGs on the market. This weapon can also use size one optics, barrel, and underbarrel attachments.

The P8-SC has a fire rate of 800 rounds per minute. This is a very fast fire rate topping most guns in the ‘Verse. It has a fully automatic DPS of 62.7 and a burst shot DPS of 66.6. It also has a fairly small ammo clip that holds 45, making the player reload more often then they would like. The P8-SC has an effective range of about 30 meters but its ammo drop can change that slightly

Behring provides for all your military needs whether it is weaponry or spacecraft components. Although it is mass produced, the items you receive from Behring are always high quality and at a reasonable price. The P8-SC is no exception, a high quality ballistic SMG at a low cost that gets the job done.