CitizenCon 2948 – Keynote

Chris Roberts delivers this year’s CitizenCon Keynote and it is exciting. 

Over the past couple of years the Keynote usually consists of future tech and gameplay that we will possibly play later on in the future.  This year they seemed to show off gameplay that will be in our hands within a few weeks hopefully.  The addition of Object Container Streaming along with other important core technology, FPS AI encounters, new locations, and the soon to be Hurston planet and Lorville landing zone, this patch is a beast.  Here is a summary of the Keynote.

We start at Lorville which is located on the new planet of Hurston.  Hurston is the first fully formed planet with a proper landing zone.  The first scene shows off a potential habitat a player could own and Chris explains the possibility of earning credits and upgrading your home with decorations and loot and even upgrading your habitat to a bigger and better one.  The character is able to brew coffee and pick up items and place them anywhere showing off the technology.  Along with drinking coffee you will be able to eat.  It won’t be a full hardcore survival game but you will need to manage your resources just like you would a ship.  The game will be moving towards a physical inventory system where you will not be able to carry all your items on you unless you have a backpack.

Next we step outside the personal habitat and into the common area of the L19 residences.  There are multiple resident blocks all around the city and each can contain up to 100 habitats in them.  We then head down the elevator to the bottom of the resident block.  We exit towards the overlook of Lorville vista.  It is quite the astonishing sight.  You will be able to see ships coming out of orbit and landing and or taking off.

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