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Gemini C54 Ballistic SMG Overview

The C54 Ballistic SMG is a powerful short range weapon with a high rate of fire that will saturate your target.

Gemini is a Human manufacturer of personal weaponry. The company began as a producer of kinetic weapons and started offering laser-based systems later. Their headquarters are located on ArcCorp.

The C54 SMG is a size two weapon found at Grim Hex, Area 18, and many other locations. It costs around 2500 UEC. There is only a fully automatic fire mode but this is all you need. This weapon has a magazine capacity of 50 and will fire them very quickly. You can also equip size one optics, barrel, and underbarrel attachments.

The C54 has a fire rate of 1100 rounds per minute. This fire rate is extremely high so make sure to bring lots of ammo. It has a fully automatic DPS of 90.5. The C54 has an effective range of about 35 meters but most of that firing will happen in close quarters.

The Gemini C54 SMG is a devastating close quarters weapon. With the ability to saturate an area instantly due to its high rate of fire, most engagements will end quickly.

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