Inside Star Citizen – Can you Banu?

This week we look at the evolution of the new flight experience, the way CIG collects player feedback, and the continuing work on the Banu Defender.

In the release of 3.5 is the refactor of the core flight mechanics or flight model. Not only do players get a new experience but it also helps the programmers maintain and update it easier.

There are some cool clothing designs in the works for people at microTech. The FPS weapons team completed the Apocalypse Arms missile launcher. This weapon is going to be a must-have for any arsenal.

Some of the new clothing designs for microTech.

The planetary technology is constantly evolving and the canyon tech specifically looks amazing. We are starting to see real looking landscapes with many different features.

Player feedback is a very important role for the developers at CIG. They monitor forums for repeat topics and get other information that they can give to developers to help enhance the game. They also include in-game analytics and feedback surveys.

Upgraded planet tech for more detailed landscapes.

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