Inside Star Citizen – Riders of the Range

This week we look at the latest wheeled warrior from the Tumbril Land Systems, sounds of space, and improvements of some PU locations.

The first thing covered is the Lighting for the underground bunkers. When they released the bunkers initially, they only had 4 or 5 layouts and would light them individually. With these areas being modular in the future, it was time to move away from the current lighting and into a modular version with everything prebaked for future use.

The Tumbril bike.

Next up the team works on ArcCorp’s cityscape. Lots of updates with advertisement signs and their placements. More detail to buildings to make them less flat to add more depth. The building placement has been redistributed to have buildings not seen as much moved to areas where they will be noticed. Less red buildings! Also some new buildings have been added. The goal is to add more variation and interest to ArcCorp.

The ship audio has been refactored. Hard to describe but it has more depth to it. The sounds from the ship will actually be coming from the proper areas. The atmospheric entry sounds have been updated as well. When you turn engines off you can hear just the vibrations and the wind coming off the ship, very cool.

The Tumbril Ranger is a motorcycle that can fit inside most ships. It is a very versatile bike. Different models are touring, combat, and tuning. The touring version has placing to put mission boxes. The combat version has guns, surprise! The tuner is the racing version with an extra battery to go a little longer.

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