Kastak Arms Custodian SMG Showcase

The Kastak Arms Custodian is a Laser Submachine Gun. It has integrated iron sights and a magazine that is top loaded. It is a powerful weapon in the right hands.

The Kastak Arms Custodian Laser Machine Gun or more commonly known as the Custodian SMG, is a quality weapon at an affordable price. The current price is set at 2634 UEC which is a steal. It is a common weapon that can be found at many stores around the ‘Verse.

Not only is it an easy weapon to acquire, but it is also easy to use. This is a very straightforward SMG with an average firing rate of 800 rpm. It has a bit of a recoil but nothing unmanageable. It does have a hefty clip that can hold 60 rounds. This weapon also has a optimum range of about 30 meters.

First person perspective.

The hip-fire recoil is small to medium and one can be very effective with this gun at a moderate range. One of the drawbacks is that it has a very distinguishable sound. Very fun weapon to use and worth having if you are on a tight budget.

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