Klaus & Werner CF-557 Galdereen Laser Repeater Overview

The CF-557 Galdereen Laser Repeater is a size five weapon that inflicts heavy damage at long range but can struggle against smaller ships.

Klaus & Werner is known for creating simplicity in their designs. Hector Klaus’ simple philosophy involved creating weapons with “as few moving parts as possible, reducing the needed supply chain and wherever possible rethinking weapon roles.” The CF Series has three-barrel sequential fire design which provides high power with decent accuracy.

The CF-557 has a slow fire rate being that it is a size five weapon. It comes in at 225 shots per minute ranking it 12th out of the 16 laser repeaters on the market. The fire rate can be an issue when fighting smaller ships relying on pilots to have pinpoint accuracy. When you do hit a ship, the damage is noticeable.

The CF-557 has an ammo damage of 264 ranking it third among all laser repeaters. It also has a DPS of 990 also ranking it third. This DPS is very hard to achieve on smaller ships mainly due to accuracy and fire rate issues. This weapon does make up for these shortcomings with lasers that move quickly and from a long distance.

This weapon has the third longest range of all laser repeaters. It can reach a distance of 4703 meters. Since the chance of hitting smaller ships at this range is slight, utilizing this distance will be most effective against larger ships. With the high laser travel speed at 1742 meters per second, which ranks third overall, these lasers will get to their target quickly from that range.

Klaus & Werner’s principle for the creation of the CF series was simple, deliver as many hits to a wide area as quickly as possible. With this principle, this company has grown to be a popular choice among civilians around the verse.

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