Reverse The Verse – Rest Stop Futures

Check out Narrative Director Dave Haddock and Lead Writer Will Weissbaum talking about the process of developing story and lore aspects for Rest Stops. Here is the SCT breakdown.

To begin, most of the discussion is theorycrafting. Certain features seem possible that they are in the works but majority are just ideas. The first few minutes the group discuss the state of the Rest Stops and how teams work together to get the job done.

The current R&R in game is their middle of the road design. The stops are modular and while there will be different looking setups in the future (how the building connects), we shouldn’t expect different art styles yet. More different looking setups but with the same art style.

Inside of a Rest Stop currently in the LIVE Persistent Universe.

One of the ideas involved having the Banu flotilla serving as a Bazaar whereby people would come to trade among other things. There also could be high and low end stations where the ladder could possibly be further out in space or not in trade lanes resulting in lower quality goods and services. There might be security concerns in areas with lower tier Rest Stops/stations. Also, Rest Stop quality will determine item and service quality. Higher end Rest Stops could be exclusive to the brand that owns the shop. If Revel & York had a Rest Stop, possibly only their brand of items would be sold inside the shop. High end stops could have restaurants, art exhibits, viewing rooms, more art and less ads, etc.

Medical facilities will play a role based on quality of the Rest Stop. Lower tier stops might not have a strong medical presence and possibly could only have some vending machines with medpens.

Outside of a Rest Stop currently in the LIVE Persistent Universe.

Rest Stops companies compete with each other. R&R, CryAstro, and others are mentioned among the potential hundreds of companies. You could have Military stations that would only allow you to board if requirements are met. The corporations argue with each other about UEE presence, specifically in the Stanton system where are the planets are owned by different corporations. Some think there should be more some think less. It is up to the corporations to supply security for their planets.

These are some of the more interesting points that jumped out to me. Feel free to watch the whole episode below and add any cool things I missed to the comments below!

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