Star Citizen 3.5 Features

With the upcoming release of 3.5 to the LIVE servers, here are some of the most prominent features of this patch.

Firstly and obviously we have the new planet of Arccorp and the moons around it. The planet is almost entirely made out of buildings and currently you can land at Area18. You can also meet a new mission giver NPC there.

It is an incredible feat RSI has accomplished creating this planet. While you can’t land anywhere you want due to restrictions in in-game law, hopefully there will be procedural missions that can create pockets of the planet you can land on and explore.

Area18 on the planet Arccorp.

Area18 won’t be the only place you can visit on the planet. For now there is only one option but in the future there will be multiple “Areas” all over the planet. As it stands now, you can fly through the high rises and even land on the tops of buildings for missions and/or fantastic views.

As usual, performance isn’t the greatest even with a beefy computer. That being said, it is more than playable minus the disconnects. This is just one of the many pieces that makes up 3.5. Customizing your character including women avatars also made it into this release.

While character customization is a common element in most games, Star Citizen adds a little extra flavor to theirs. Not only does the female player model finally make its release, we also get a very in depth customization. The usual stuff is all there, changing your brow, cheeks, chin. Where the extra special stuff comes in is the way you can morph multiple faces to form one. Not only that but their player rig can handle all morphs and items, such as glasses, will move appropriately on the rig to keep everything looking good.

Another highly anticipated feature is the new flight model. Trying to explain this in a paragraph would be too difficult. Nevertheless, the new flight model basically makes your engines behave based on proportions. So your big engines in the back will be doing most the work and you won’t be able to turn and zoom around as quickly without sliding around. All in all it will make the experience better especially in multicrew.

Speaking of ships, the newly flyable MISC Reliant series will be available plus fixes for tons of bugs and server problems.

These are the prominent features in this new patch. See you in the ‘Verse!

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